I had one of these on my Birthday Golf balls and Footballs they just know how to "not go in" Anthony and Danny are planning their next move
FD7 FD8 FD24
The other halves must be in the Clubhouse, not in the BBQ queue Attend the flag Dad we don't want any penalty shots More action out on the course, or lack of it
FD9 FD14 FD27
As the Health & Safety Officer would you like to try a sausage sir? This is much better than fire watching at the BBQ Shall I have a go? got to be better than the golf

FD15  FD16
                      Now we will see what Anthony was up to, three down one to go                                                                    It's looking like it may be ready for the action                                     

Hang about Lads I think there's going to be a bit of a splash
aib3 FD26
Hello NEWSLETTER editor here, hold the back page
Four members of our illustrious Scratch Team relaxing whilst the accolades of their 2014 exploits are being relayed over the tannoy

Mick McGuinness, Nathan Muffett, Carl McGuinness and Jordan Perry being subjected to the latest ICE BUCKET CRAZE
"WELL DONE" not only good golfers but also good sports for allowing themselves to be given a dousing for our entertainment
Anthony Ashton will have to watch out after this

The Scratch Team giving Brandon Perry a cooling off Come on Alan it's a FUN DAY not a BUN DAY Still no room on the Bouncy Castle
FD21 FD22 FD23
I'm glad I am here and not in Florida with Gregs Have we got any small beefburgers? Alan's on a diet If these are the best scores Geoff, we should get our boots on
FD28  FD29
Excellent to see John and Audrey in attendance